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The Truth Is Wherever You Find It

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In no particular order.... Just another yet-again-single guy...generally only interested in guys that way. Furry greymuzzle: I sometimes think I should try founding Furries Older Than Average or Grey Muzzles, Full Tails, or similar. (Owner of a very low-traffic MUCK at farvana.tzo.org port 4201.) Programmer and geek from way back when--I don't miss punched cards in the slightest but I also won't miss the overemphasis on graphical interaction should it prove to be a fad. Old-line tabletop RPG player with enough experience to have written my own system/ruleset for a few friends' and my own amusement. WoW player, with varying degrees of enthusiasm depending on how well Blizzard is doing with the latest patch. Old SCA but now very inactive. Very occasional sloop sailor. Reader of a whole lot of F&SF, though there's so much out there that keeping up is impossible even with my reading speed. Myers-Briggs INTP except that I live on the edge right next to INTJ--so I often don't fit into the real world very well. (If nothing else, I see through too many empty social conventions that appear to do something for some number of other people that just won't work that way for me.) Linux user and programmer by major preference. Very occasional musician and/or writer. Punster. Cat and fox person.